Board of Education Goals 2016-2017




                                                                 Student Achievement, Safety & Security,

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability, Communication


 Goal I – Student Learning

 Continue to increase student learning through the STEAMS* Framework and maximize student potential by enhancing the quality of instruction.

 STEAMS Education aims to bring FUNctional literacy to all. It promotes bridging the gap between business and educational goals to create a more productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any educational system.  STEAMS is a framework for teaching across the disciplines. 


·         Science

·         Technology

·         Engineering

·         Creative & Visual Arts

·         Mathematics

·         Social & Emotional Learning

 A.        Complete Middle States Self Study Process for Accreditation

            B.        Integrate Literacy Training into Instructional Rounds

            C.        Continue the Integration of Common Core Standards: Writing K-12

 D.                Develop Schedules that Promote the Teaching of Literacy

 E.         Transition to Updated Go Math Program: K-8

            F.         Deepen Use of Nonfiction Resources to Teach Social Studies and Science

 J.          Develop Knowledge of OPWDD Across the District and Transitional Program

            For SWD and Their Families

            K.        Fully implement SIOP Program for ESL at JFK, CHS, Clinton and Terryville

 L.         Create Kindergarten ELL Transitional Program at Clinton.

 M.        Expand on Instructional Technology

                  ·         Introduce Digital Generations, Digital Literacy and A+ Courses

                             ·         Expand the Use of Chromebooks at JFK

                             ·         Continue the Development of Google Classroom

               N.      Convert to School Tool Student Management System

               O.      Expand Science Program at CHS for SWDs to Increase Graduation Pathways

               P.       Acquire at Literacy Staff Developer to Assist in Literacy Professional


 Goal II – Safety & Security

 Ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment that supports student learning through a safe and healthy environment

             A.                Examine short and long-term plans for facilities

 ·         Review the five year capital program and building maintenance plans with the District-Wide Safety Committee

 ·         Examine opportunities for expanding use of district property

B.                 Implement DASA (Dignity for All Students Act)

 ·         High School and Middle School SUSS teams to join forces to

                                    collaborate and implement lessons on anti-bully tactics and a way to

                                    increase good peer interpersonal skills at the elementary levels.

             C.                 Strengthen Anti-Bullying Programs at all schools.

                 ·         Examine current programs and evaluate their usefulness

                 ·         Research newer programs with cyber bullying as the focus.

 D.        Continue to partner with local law enforcement, parents and community

            groups through CSD-Anti Drug Task Force

 E.         Expand opportunities under the district Wellness Policy 

   Goal III – Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

 Ensure fiscal responsibility, stability and accountability through a transparent process that has the support of the community

         A.                Develop a school district budget that is taxpayer sensitive and aligns with the district student learning                                        objectives

         B.                 Align the school budget to provide enhanced professional development for staff members that coordinates with                         long term achievement goals. 

         C.                 Develop a Smart Schools Investment Plan that will identify long term goals and a pathway to continue                                     successful technology plans   

         D.                Review long term fiscal plan and maximize the use of data and analytical tools to show the return of the                                     community investment in education 

         E.                 Upgrade financial system to NVision to achieve greater data control.

         F.                  Seek expenditure efficiencies through effective practices


Goal IV – Communication

 Build a connected learning community, broadening productive partnerships and services to meet the needs of all students and to more effectively communicate with parents and district residents.

A.        Continue to search for and use the most effective means of communication with our community. 

·         School Messenger – Phone Notifications

·         Where’s Dr. Rella?

·         Website

·         Social Media

·         School Tool – Student Portal and Parent Portal

·         Google Hangouts

B.        Recognize the contribution of all stakeholders to the overarching goal of improved student learning.

Goal V – Board of Education Policy Review

 Continually upgrade Board of Education policies to ensure compliance with State laws and Commissioner’s regulations.

Continue policy review and update individual policies as required.

                                 ·         Suggested policy review:

     Class Ranking at the High School

     BOCES Credit Policy

     Student Attendance





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