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Board of Education Goals 2018-2019

Goal I - Student Learning

Continue to increase student learning through the STEAMS* Framework and maximize student potential by enhancing the quality of instruction. 


  • Science 
  • Technology 
  • Engineering 
  • Creative & Visual Arts 
  • Mathematics 
  • Social & Emotional Learning 

A. Monitor Middle States Accreditation: Implement Action Plans and survey results

BApply for Programs of Distinction Award

C. Continue to integrate literacy into all content areas K-12

D. Continue to integrate Next Generation Standards into curriculum

E. Integrate PBL at all levels; continue PBL PD

FContinue partnerships with colleges/universities (SCCC, SBU, St. John's, Farmingdale)

G. Work toward becoming National School of Character

H. Create Innovation Labs District-Wide

I. Implement Science PD at Clinton and Norwood

J. Develop coherency scale

K. Integrate new CTE Programs at JFK

L. Cultivate 3rd Grade Exploratory Foreign Language program

M. Institute blended remediation class at Norwood

N. Foster District-Wide social emotional learning

Goal II - Safety & Security 

Ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment that supports student learning through a safe and healthy environment .

A. Security Committee (initial meeting scheduled for June)

  • Vestibule Design Project expedited (Bond Funding)

  • Enhanced Initiatives Discussed

  • K-12 Security Technology Checklist

B. Door Access Control Enhancement Training and Implementation

C. Security Guards Enhanced Coverage (night events)

D. Additional Mental Health Support for Students/Community Health Forum

E. Superintendent's Conference Day dedicated to Security

  • Staff Panic Button - Rave

  • ID Badge

  • Active Shooter Training

F. Employee Health Resources Available (EAP Service, Yoga)

G. Visitor Management System Community Notification (Raptor)

H. Cyber Training for Staff

I. New Procedures being discussed by professionals

  • "No Pull" station fire alarm

  • Do not shelter in classroom (run)

Goal III - Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability 

Ensure fiscal responsibility, stability and accountability through a transparent process that has the support of the community  

A. Capital Improvement Bond 2018

  • Next Steps: Approve Bond Finance/Architect/Construction Management

  • Continue Community Involvement

  • Expedite Phase 1 to bid before February 2019

  • Summer 2019 Work begin on Phase 1

B. Negotiate a Comsewogue Administrator's Association Contract

C. Comply with new laws and regulations in healthcare and finance

  • GASB 75

  • Charitable Funds

  • Child Nutrition

  • New Affordable Care Act

  • Every Student Succeeds Act reporting requirements

Goal IV - Communication  

Build a connected learning community, broadening productive partnerships and services to meet the needs of all students and to more effectively communicate with parents and district residents. 

A. Continue to use the most effective means of communication with our community

  • School Messenger - Phone Notifications 

  • Website and Mobile App

  • Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

  • SchoolTool - Student Portal and Parent Portal 

  • Google Hangouts 

B. Continue recognizing the contribution of all stakeholders to the overarching goal of improved student learning 

C. Continue PTA President Roundtable Meetings 

D. PTA Community Awareness Presentations 

Goal V - Board of Education Policy Review 

Continually upgrade Board of Education policies to ensure compliance with State laws and Commissioner's regulations.

A. Continue policy review and update at monthly Policy Review Committee Meetings