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Comsewogue School District Schooltool Password Reset Instructions

On Monday, April 3, 2017, ALL student Schooltool passwords will be reset by the system. After this reset, students will be responsible for managing their own schooltool passwords.

Before you log in to schooltool:

1. Open Chrome and navigate to the Google webpage.
2. At the upper right, click the "Mail" link
3. Your schooltool temporary password will be in the inbox. If there is no email from schooltool, check the Spam folder.
4. Go to the schooltool login and enter your Username and the temporary password. The password IS case-sensitive.
5. After you have successfully logged in to schooltool, click on the "Account" tab and enter the temporary password along with your desired password. Passwords must contain at least six (6) characters and at least one (1) character must be a number. You MAY re-use a previous password.

NOTE: This limited Gmail implementation will ONLY work for schooltool password resets. You will NOT be able to send or receive regular emails through this account.

If you have any issues, email the schooltool support staff at:

Emails will be answered during working hours.

Comsewogue School District is committed to providing an exceptional level of service to its students, parents/guardians and employees. Schooltool is a student management system that is being implemented in many Suffolk school districts. They are a New York based company and are uniquely qualified to meet Comsewogue School District needs. Its use provides a uniform platform for student management and a consistent experience for students and parents/guardians. You will find all of the information you expect to have access to and notice the layout is extremely intuitive.

PLEASE NOTE the following:
To access the portal, on the Comsewogue homepage, simply click on the Schooltool link in the Quick Links sidebar or under the Community tab drop down menu just below the Comsewogue banner.

Logging in For Parents/Guardians

At the login page, login with your email address and passwords.
If you have an email address on file with the district (listed in SchoolTool), YOU WILL BE EMAILED A TEMPORARY PASSWORD TO THAT EXISTING EMAIL STARTING TODAY.
If you do not have an email on file, contact your school and provide contact information.
Please see supporting Google Slides presentation for parents for more information.
Logging in for Students

Schootool HelpEmail:
Phone: 631-474-8164
Al Pisano,
Mar 30, 2017, 8:25 AM