Middle States Year 7 Survey

Middle States Year 7 Survey
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Middle States Year 7 Survey

Encuesta del año 7 de Middle States

Seven years ago, we asked all school stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, staff, community members, etc.) to take a survey to self-assess Comsewogue's strengths and needs. We received wonderful feedback. This information was used to apply for Middle States Accreditation, an honor given to outstanding schools which was granted, without hesitation or recommendation, in Spring 2017. During the mid-term review in 2020, Comsewogue again was granted continued accreditation.

Each year we need to administer an updated survey and see if we are improving on the areas noted in the original survey. We had four areas in which we wanted to improve: to increase overall transparency by sharing information in a variety of formats; to improve communication with regards to curriculum and assessment tools; to increase proficiency for English Language Learners; and increase the percentage of students receiving Advanced Regents Diplomas.  

This survey will gather data on the first two objectives.  We will use data from student records for the remaining objectives. We will use the results of this survey (which will be posted on the website) to continue to grow and improve.  

We begin planning for our second, seven-year cycle of Middle States Accreditation. The MSA will visit Spring of 2024.

Please take this survey (English, Spanish) to continue to strengthen Comsewogue.  Please complete by September 29th.