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Website Survey Results

Website Survey Results
As Comsewogue School District is committed to ensuring our websites are equally accessible for all users, we launched brand new websites in January 2018 to meet ADA Compliance. During the transition period, we added many new features to our website, and provided a clean update of information and resources to the community.

Recently, Comsewogue School District released a website survey to the community asking for feedback on the main district website and the six (6) building websites. 

Our goal with this survey was to gather information on who visits our websites, how often our websites are viewed, opinion regarding the design of our websites, to identify information that may be missing from our websites, among other items. A summary of the results from this survey can be found below.

Please note: None of the questions on this survey required a mandatory response, so not every question may have received a response. This survey was anonymous - no names, ages, email address or other personal information was collected from this survey.

We would like to thank those who participated in our survey and provided their feedback on our websites.

Who Participated?

276 responses to this survey were recorded. 162 were Parents/Guardians, 84 were Students, 19 were Faculty/Staff/Administrators, and the rest were Alumni, Residents, Former Parents and Grandparents.

Which Websites are Most Often Visited?

We found that the Main District Website is visited most often, followed by the school websites in this order: High School, JFK, Norwood, Terryville, Clinton, Boyle.

Is it a Primary Source? If Not, What Is?

77%, or 211 of the respondents, indicated that they use the websites as a primary source for their information. 23%, or 63 respondents, indicated it is not a primary source.

Other primary sources for information were also asked about. Here's what we found:

  • The mobile app, SchoolMessenger (Phone Calls), Remind and SchoolTool are popular communication methods used by community members. These accounted for 82.4% of the responses to those who said the website was not their primary source, or listed it as an additional primary source.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Newsletters and PTA meetings were represented by a small number of community members in being a primary source of district information.

How Often Are Our Websites Visited?

We found that, on average, our websites are visited by a community member at least 2- times per week. We also had many respondents who stated that they visit our websites once a day, o,r once a week.

Updating Information and Confidence Level

These questions were to be rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 representing a low grade and 5 representing a high grade.

According to the survey, we are fairly efficient at updating our websites on a consistent basis, and that community members are confident that they will find the information they are looking for when visiting our websites.

Navigation and Features

We found that approximately 60% of the respondents were satisfied with the navigation and structure of our websites. A small portion, just under 4%, did not like how the navigation and structure of our websites is presented.

The number of "No" responses exceeded the number of "yes" responses when a community member was asked whether they knew about the District Notifications page on our website, and that a calendar email subscription feature was available on our websites.

Recommending Someone to Visit

Also asking for a 1-5 rating, just shy of 50% of the respondents gave a 5/5 when asked if they would recommend the websites as source for district information. The remaining 50% was mainly distributed to the choice of "3" or "4" on the 1-5 scale.

How Can We Improve?

We also asked for feedback regarding the design of our websites and for respondents to provide information they feel is missing or lacking presence on our websites. As a result, of receiving a large variety of answers to these questions, a Website FAQ has been created for you to review, and to respond to some of the most frequently mentioned comments and frequently asked questions throughout the survey. 

If you have any further comments, questions or suggestions, please email [email protected].