Comsewogue eSports: Students in Championship Games

Comsewogue eSports: Students in Championship Games
Minecraft and Super Smash Brothers

Congratulations to James Wright James for winning  the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Spring Tournament in the high school eSports league. 

In a tournament league where there were over 1,000 participants, James was able to win and secure himself a scholarship. James was interviewed as a result of winning the tournament and conducted himself in an extremely professional manner.

He spoke about meditation and dedication, something which I hold very dear to my heart, and will continuously preach to all of our future eSports competitors.

This week Comsewogue students can win scholarship money by competing in championship video game matches! 
Jennifer Grosse and Brian Levine made it to the Minecraft: Survival Games championship in the High School eSports League on Tuesday, May 18th at 8pm. The students competed against 475 total competitors for Minecraft: Survival in the Spring tournament.  Jennifer and Brian were able to make it to the final 24 and compete in the championship game for scholarship money. This match will not be streamed. 
James Wright will be competing in the one-on-one Super Smash Brothers Ultimate championship in the High School eSports League. The game will be live streamed on twitch at 7PM. Over 950 players in the country competed this season in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. James will be competing for the championship national title. The championship match will be streamed by HSEL.
This new and exciting club has been led by Comsewogue Guidance Counselor, William Rendall.  All meetings and practices were conducted remotely this year. Students in the club competed casually and competitively in several different games: Rocket League, Minecraft, Valorant, Super Smash Bros and Among Us. Comsewogue enrolled in the High Schools Esports League, which coordinates match-ups seasons and scholarship money. Additionally, the HSEL encourages students to learn STEAM principles to boost their overall ranking. The club has become popular among students that have never been in a club or part of a sports team before. We wish our eSports Warriors good luck in their matches this week.

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