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Field House Construction Continues to Progress

Field House Construction Continues to Progress
John N. Swenning Sr. Field House

Construction on the John N. Swenning Sr. Field House has been underway for approximately 6 months and is nearing completion! Our ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 6:00 PM, part of Warrior Weekend.

Throughout the past few weeks, both staircases to the press box have been installed and the majority of the concrete work has been completed including curbs, sidewalks and pads. Both layers of asphalt have also been poured.

Pavers have been installed by the concession stand, restrooms and staircase for the back of the press box. Fencing has been installed by the bleachers, topsoil is being spread for the new grass and plantings have also been placed by the bleachers.

On the inside of the building, sheetrock has been installed on the ceilings and is now being painted. Plumbing work is progressing quickly in the restrooms, with toilets and sinks in the process of being installed. Additional electrical work will also progress when the permanent power to the building is complete.

The latest status updates for all of our Bond Phase III projects can be found on this page. Pictures of the field house progress can also be found at the bottom of the same page.