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Construction Notice - Comsewogue HS Field House

Construction Notice - Comsewogue HS Field House
Demolition of old press box at Comsewogue High School

Construction on the new field house at Comsewogue High School is now underway. This project is expected to last approximately 6 months. When completed, the building will include a new press box, restrooms and concession stand. Pictures of construction progress will be posted on the Phase III Bond Projects page of our website.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience that this may cause, however we know that the end result of this project will provide the community with a new, modern facility to use for many years to come.

Construction Zone

The entrance on Bicycle Path across from Clinton Avenue is closed for the duration of this project. Parking for all contests should take place in the High School South parking lot, where you can then walk to the bleachers.

Access to Bleachers

During construction, access to the bleachers from the top (street) level will be limited. This includes from the entrance through the gate on Bicycle Path (across from Clinton Avenue). The blue stairs next to the center sections of bleachers that lead to the top (street) level are closed.

Spectators must enter the center section and far section of bleachers from field level. You will be able to enter the gate by the parking lot as normal and will then need to walk down to field level.

To sit in the bleacher section closest to the school, please walk along the inside of the fence and use the stairs to enter the bleachers, or access from the top (street) level as normal. This is the only section of bleachers accessible from the top level.

Bleachers closest to school

To sit in the center section of bleachers, you will be required to enter the track and walk to the sliding gates across from the middle of the turf field. Please note that the top few rows of this section have been reserved for the scoreboard operator, announcer and other district staff while the press box is closed.

To sit in the bleacher section furthest from the school, you will be required to enter the track, walk to the end of that bleacher section and enter through the the opening in the fence.
Access to furthest section of bleachers

Athletics Live Streams

Unfortunately, due to the construction and necessary removal of our equipment from the existing press box, contests for the remainder of the fall sports season will not be able to be live-streamed via the NFHS network.

Temporary Restrooms

Two temporary restrooms have been placed by the gate you enter near the south parking lot. Permanent bathrooms will be installed in the field house as part of this project.