Level up with the Comsewogue eSports Club

Level Up with the Comsewogue eSports Club
Students participating in the eSports club

eSports is a new and upcoming form of competition that has been taking the world by storm. The eSports market has been valued at 1.44 billion USD in 2022, and is projected to grow to 5.48 billion USD by 2029. This tremendous growth has sparked many schools to create their own eSports teams and compete with other schools, including our very own Comsewogue High School.

In 2020, Comsewogue High School officially launched its eSports club, and it has been steadily growing ever since. Comsewogue's eSports program has also garnered attention outside of the school. In 2020, its inaugural year, one of our students brought home a High School Esports League (HSEL) National Championship for solo competition in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, where they competed against over 1000 other students in a national tournament. Comsewogue eSports got a taste of glory early in its inception and is looking to prove that it was not a fluke. 

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, Comsewogue High School has taken their eSports  to the next level. The new HS STEAM lab serves as a Design Studio during the day for students using AutoCAD and Adobe design tools, but after school it becomes the home to eSports club. Through fundraising, the eSports program has also purchased all new Logitech Premier gaming equipment, including keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and headsets, all in hopes to give the team an edge on other competition. Coaches William Rendall and Trevor Ozimkowski hope that this new gear, along with hard work and dedication will allow Comsewogue eSports to not only compete in the future, but win. 

Games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant are the main competitive focus of the club. These games have a large competitive scene within many other schools and would prove to be a great way for our Comsewogue eSports team to compete. The goal of Comsewogue eSports is to dominate competition in the 2023-2024 school year after spending much of the Fall and Spring preparing for competition. Co-Coach Trevor Ozimkowski said “It’s really great to see so many students coming together and bonding over a beloved hobby that they all share. The team will without a doubt be ready to crush the competition next year”.

The eSports program at Comsewogue High School is not just about gaming, however. It also serves as a platform to promote teamwork, communication, strategy and sportsmanship. Dr. Don Heberer, District Administrator of Instructional Technology and eSports advocate said, “It's important for these students to be able to find a sense of belonging to a team and a community within the school where they can compete like any other sport or club. eSports co-Coach, William Rendall says, “Many of our students have never joined a club or team before, so getting them to participate in district activities is a big benefit”. Comsewogue hopes that under the leadership of the coaches and support from administrators we can make Comsewogue eSports competitive with other schools in the future.