Food Services

Meal Pricing for 2017-18

Secondary Lunch -$2.75

Elementary Lunch - $2.50

Breakfast - K -12th  grade-$1.50

1/2 pint milk-$.50

Breakfast is serving daily in each school!!

Please check your child's school for serving times.

Also please note that if your child is eligible to receive free /reduced

lunch they are also eligible to receive free/reduced breakfast!

Please see related Document files at bottom of page for :

Comsewogue Wellness Policy 

Applications for Free/Reduced Lunch

Monthly Menus and Nutrition Information

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To our School Community: 

This fall, once again our school dining program will adhere to the new federal nutrition standards for school meals. These standards were interpreted from the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) and adopted into law. These new standards will remain in effect , while others are slated to go into effect in future years. In addition new Smart Snack regulations will be in place.

The purpose of the HHFKA is to ensure that meals are healthy and well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. The good news is that much of the components of the HHFKA final ruling have already been in place in our school cafeterias for some time, such as: 

Ø Whole grain offerings

Ø Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables

Ø Focus on lean protein choices

Ø Smart Snack options

Ø Fat-free and low-fat milk

Ø Reduced sodium content 

The most noticeable change you will see is in portion sizes. School lunches will have: 

Ø Age-appropriate calorie limits

Ø Larger servings of vegetables and fruits & students must choose either a fruit or vegetable with their meal

Ø Increased vegetable protein offerings, such as beans

Ø Smaller servings of proteins and carbohydrates 

Many of the parents in our community have already made these same changes in the foods they serve at home. However, some children will take some time to adjust to the increase in fruits and veggies and decrease in protein and carb portion sizes.

There are also things parents can do at home this fall, in preparation for the new school year, to help ease this transition for your children: 

Ø Encourage your children to try different vegetables and fruits

Ø “Make at least half your grains whole”

Ø Change up your meal plate to follow the USDA’s MyPlate (see link below)

Ø Try out some bean dishes (make Mondays “meatless,” add beans to tacos, mix in with whole grain rice or toss with whole wheat pasta)

In addition to the above efforts, we will continue to focus on additional nutrition initiatives, such as increasing our offering of locally sourced products, as well as working to remove high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors from many of the foods we serve. 

School meals are a healthy option, a great value and a huge convenience for busy families! To get the facts about school meals visit For MyPlate information, visit For additional information about the HHFKA, visit

Menus will again for the 2017-18 school year be based on the regulations outlined in these documents. We will be in full compliance with the HHFKA final version Meal Pattern. As additional information comes along, we will alert our school community via the District website, or through letters sent home. 


Doreen Burke
Food Service Director

Comsewogue School District
is proud to continue using

With giving your children lunch money couldn't be easier. The Service is easy to use, convenient, private and secure. To enroll, simply go to, establish your child's lunch account and start to deposit funds into your child's account. Once your account is established, you can check balances and fund the account from your home computer or phone. Your child's information is safe. It stays at your school. Your personal payment information is protected by the most advanced Internet security. For more information, please call 1-855-832-5226


Applications for Free/Reduced Lunch and Breakfast Must be dated 2017-18 and are available in each cafeteria, main office and online in the Food Services Department  Please remember to send in your application by September 15th in order to continue to receive these services, if this is your first year with us, please have your application in by the beginning of the school year. Also in order to process your application, all applications MUST be filled out in PEN and all information must be filled in , all students names, your address, phone and social security numbers, signed by the person filling out the application , and the correct school year or they will be returned. If at anytime during the year your financial situation changes and you feel you might now qualify for this program, please contact 474-9578 and we will be glad to help you with your questions or concerns. Applications are accepted throughout the year. 

Please see the documents below for the Free/Reduced Lunch Applications,also Comsewogue High School, J. F. Kennedy Middle School and Elementary School Lunch Menu's and Nutritional Information. District Wellness Policy and Charge Policy .

Lunch Menus

Food Services Documents