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Board of Education

2022-2023 Board of Education Members

Left to Right: Robert DeStefano, Margaret Mitchell, Alexandra Gordon (President), Richard Rennard (Vice President), Francisca Alabau, James Sanchez, Corey Prinz


Comsewogue has a seven member Board of Education. The Board of Education is frequently the closest link between the community and the school aside from the pupils in the district. Board members are elected for three-year terms and serve without pay. All regularly scheduled board meetings are open to the public and it has always been the policy in Comsewogue to encourage attendance at these meetings. Comsewogue Board of Education meetings are held at the Norwood District Office Board Room on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8:00 p.m. The Board of Education sets school policies, approves the appointment of personnel, adopts budgets, approves courses of study and, in many instances, must be the final arbiter on many controversial issues. The Board and the Superintendent are concerned about an effective program of communication, keeping community informed to the point that understanding and confidence are engendered in the school program.

Board of Education Members

Alexandra Gordon, President
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Richard Rennard, Vice President
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Francisca Alabau, Trustee
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Robert DeStefano, Trustee
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Margaret Mitchell, Trustee
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Corey Prinz, Trustee
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James M. Sanchez, Trustee
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District Clerk

Jacqueline Yates
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District Treasurer

Laura Rempe
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Student Representative

Brandon Bermingham

School District Attorney

Lamb & Barnosky