Curriculum and Instruction

As Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, it is my responsibility to oversee all aspects of the instructional 
Jennifer Reph Assistant Superintendent for Instructionprogram from Kindergarten – Grade 12, as well as ensure the efficacy of all district operations.

The goal of all of our instructional programs is to continually develop educational offerings that challenge intellectual growth while meeting the needs of a diverse community of learners. Every effort is directed toward creating a student-centered learning environment where academic achievement is encouraged and extra-curricular activities are provided in order to develop well-rounded individuals. Teachers and administrators work diligently to align our curriculum in all content areas with New York State Standards. This alignment ensures that our students are prepared to meet the standards measured by various New York State Assessments. As our students graduate, we can be confident that they have been well-prepared to continue their education, go on to employment, or join the military. More importantly, we hope that our graduates will become active, contributing citizens of their chosen hometown community.

Finally, we cannot and will not be satisfied with the status quo. We continually strive to go further - each day, month, and year. Plus Ultra!

If there is any way I can assist you, please call me at 474-8110.

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Curriculum and Instruction

Instructional Technology

Jackie Yates,
Apr 21, 2016, 6:29 AM