Academic Intervention Services (AIS) serves to meet the needs of students requiring additional support that supplements general classroom instruction.

AIS programs are based on the needs of students, which are determined through assessments, teacher observation, Response to Intervention/Instructional Support Team (RTI/IST), and student progress.  AIS is a tiered model of learning.

Tier I - all students receive support within the general classroom setting
Tier II - students working toward meeting expectations receive small group instruction  both in and out of the classroom
Tier III - student not meeting expectations within the classroom and small group setting receive more intensive programming.

School/Home Communication

When a student has been identified to receive AIS, districts/ schools must provide parents with information.

  • Written notification of commencement by the building principal is to include:

    • a summary of services to be provided,

    • the reason for services,

    • qualifications of the service provider, and

    • the supports needed to progress toward achievement of expected performance levels.

  •  Written notification of discontinuation of services by the building principal is to include:

    • criteria for ending a service, and

    • the performance levels obtained on district-selected assessments, if appropriate.

  • Ongoing communication is to include:

    • the opportunities to consult with the student’s general education teacher and other professional staff providing AIS and/ or other support services.

    • progress monitoring reports via mail, telephone, telecommunications or included in the student’s report card, and

    • information on supports for parents to become involved in working with their children, monitoring student progress and working with educators to improve student achievement.

Parents have the right to advocate for their child to receive AIS and request changes in the program services. However, the district retains the responsibility for appropriate placement and provision of services.

AIS Plan