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Notifications & Social Media


Phone Calls

Sign up for our phone calls to receive a weekly Sunday call from Dr. Quinn regarding events happening throughout the District. Additionally, our building principals will send out phone calls for information specifically related to their school. We also use this system (SchoolMessenger) to notify the community of snow days, delayed openings, and other emergencies. To ensure you are receiving phone calls, please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in SchoolTool.

If you are not receiving phone calls from the school(s) your child(ren) attend(s), please contact your child's school directly to be added to the proper list(s). Keeping your contact information updated in SchoolTool is also beneficial to receiving these calls.

Website Banners

Important notifications for emergency events such as snow days and delayed openings will be displayed on an overlay / pop-up window on the district websites, and specific building websites as needed. Non-emergency notifications displayed on our websites will be in the form of a banner above the images / announcements banner on the necessary websites.

Mobile App Push Notifications

To receive push notifications via our mobile app, select your school(s) when first opening the app.  You can also change these preferences in the app settings, located in the navigation menu in the upper left-hand corner of the app.

Push notifications will be sent to remind you of important school events, emergency closings, and more.  Our app is available for both iOS Devices and Android Devices.

For app support, questions, and/or concerns, contact [email protected].

Social Media

Comsewogue uses social media platforms as additional ways to disseminate important information and announcements. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures of events, updates on district-wide happenings and initiatives, emergency information and more. Each of our schools are also on social media. Links to their social media pages / profiles can be found below.