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Accessibility Statement


Comsewogue School District is committed to ensuring that our websites meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and adhere to Section 508 Compliance.  As a school district, we have taken many measures to ensure our websites are accessible for all users.


Headings are used to structure items on a page, ensuring the content is organized is a proper manner.  Headings start with the most important information, defined by Rank 1 <h1> and is closed with the same </h1>.  The lowest rank is <h6>, closed by the same </h6>.

Color Contrast

We use the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker when using colored text on our website, in PDF documents, and all other documents and files created and maintained by the School District. We are required to meet a color contrast of 4.50 for normal sized text (12 pt. or lower), or 3.00 for large text (14 pt. or larger).

Please note that the District is not responsible for the color contrast of graphics provided on our website.


Alternative text is provided for all images placed on our website and in documents created and maintained by the School District.  Alternative text ensures that screen readers and like devices or software can provide the user with a description of the picture in the event they are unable to see it.


Vendors that require a sign-in using a Comsewogue account, or is the sole resource for use of a program within the District, must also meet the WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Guidelines in order for us to link to them.  We are working with all of our vendors to make sure that this is the case.  For our vendors that are not yet compliant, we encourage you to email [email protected] and we will gladly provide you with the link.

In addition, all hyperlinks are given a tooltip.  This is a brief description of where the link is taking you; essentially, this the alternative text for the link.


Tables are given a table summary, which is similar to the alternative text for an image. The Table Summary is a brief description of what the data is about. It is important to note that a table should only contain data that cannot be sorted in another way, such as using tabs and tab stops.

A header row must also be defined for a table. This will ensure that if the table is more than one page long, the first row of the table will repeat at the beginning of each new page.

Providing Equal Access

Some of the documents and/or content on our website may not completely comply with the WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Guidelines, but an alternative will always be provided.  The accessible version will be labeled (accessible) at the end of the document name. Comsewogue School District is only responsible for making documents accessible that were created internally. We are not responsible for documents created by external organizations or third parties; however, we will do our best to provide the same information in an alternative format.

Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets

The majority of our files are originally produced in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel.  We also use Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets to create files. We use the Accessibility Checker provided in these programs to check for ADA Compliance. Inside these documents, we follow the same measures as we do on our website, as stated above.

We do not post these direct documents as they can be altered and manipulated by third parties.  All documents posted on our websites are exported into a PDF format and checked for accuracy and accessibility using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Contact Us

You may contact [email protected] if the format of any material on the School District's current website interferes with your ability to access information and/or you require an accommodation.

To enable us to respond in a manner most helpful to you, please indicate the following:

  • The nature of your accessibility problem.

  • The preferred format in which to receive the material.

  • The Web address of the requested material.

  • Your contact information.

Accessibility and equal access for all users is important to Comsewogue School District, and we thank you for your support in making our websites accessible to everyone.