Instruction addresses how the Curriculum Standards are taught.  Comsewogue utilizes a variety of instructional methods or ways we engage our students.  Methods range from direct instruction, coaching and student-centered learning.  Direct instruction utilizes a traditional teacher-directed approach such as lectures and modeling, when appropriate.  Coaching involves students and teachers working together in guided practice and conferring on ideas and projects.  Student-centered learning focuses on more problem and inquiry based approaches to promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and so much more.  Students gain experiences individual, small group, and large group environments.  Instruction is differentiate to meet the needs of all learners and presented in a variety of learning styles.  With of focus of the Curricular Standards, the "what" that is addressed, we also focus on the relevance or "why" are we learning about a topic.  Through authentic learning experiences, students explore their world around them, provide insight and gain knowledge about their world, and reflect on how to make their world a better place.