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Board of Education Goals

2023-2024 Board of Education Goals

Student Achievement, Safety & Security, Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability, Communication, Policy Review

Goal I: Student Achievement

Continue to increase student learning through the STEAMS (Science, Technology, English, Arts, Math, SEL - Kindness Committee) Framework and maximize student potential by enhancing the quality of instruction.

STEAMS Education aims to bring FUNctional literacy to all. It promotes bridging the gap between business and educational goals to create a more productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any educational system.  STEAMS is a framework for teaching across disciplines.

  • Enhance culture of District

    • Instructional Rounds

    • Read Aloud

    • PLC

  • Continue data to drive instruction through grade level/department meetings with district and building level administration

    • Common Assessments - September 2023, January 2024, June 2024

      • Grade Level Locally Developed & iReady

      • Reading Benchmarking

      • Aimsweb

    • Midterm Exams - January/February 2024

    • Final Exams and Regents Assessments - June 2024

  • Improve Regents Scores

    • Review results with teachers - September 2023

    • Develop improvement plan based on analysis - September - November 2023

    • Implement improvement plan - September 2023 - June 2024

  • Increase Grades K-2 ICT programming from 2 to 4 periods 

  • Track AP Entry and Performance

  • Continue to increase attendance and graduation rates

  • Further develop music program to maximize student learning growth opportunities

    • Combine ensemble groups to maximize lessons for 23-24 

    • Conduct musical instrument inventory district-wide

    • Increase adjudication/masters for students (NYSSMA, LISFA, etc).

    • Provide weighted average for all advanced music courses

    • Initiate Parade Band leading to Marching Band

    • Update 6-12 Music Curriculum

    • Consider Music Leadership

    • Increase fine arts field trips

    • Initial planning for future music electives

  • Provide field trip opportunities for all students K-12

    • Develop fundraising plan to offset costs

  • Implement JFK 9 Period Day

    • Art - Grade 6

    • Writing Workshop - Grades 6-8

    • STEAM: Problem Solving - Grades 6-8

  • Implement Driver’s Ed. Program

  • Increase Vocational Courses

Goal II: Safety & Security

Ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment that supports student learning though a safe and healthy environment.

  • Review and Update Security Procedures and Plan

    • Update plans and present to community

    • Continue training for faculty and staff (AED, CPR, Active Shooter, CPI)

  • Continue to enhance Nutrition and Wellness Program

  • Replace outside electronic access controls

  • Enhance security camera coverage

  • Utilize Restorative Justice

    • Continue Restorative Justice Plan at CHS

    • Institute Restorative Justice Plan at JFK

      • Provide training to all staff

    • Investigate Restorative Justice Plan for K-5

      • Provide training to service providers

Goal III: Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability

Ensure fiscal responsibility, stability and accountability through a transparent process that has the support of the community

  • Capital Improvement Initiatives

    • Plan to utilize transfer to capital budget effectively

    • Explore outdoor basketball court

    • Address drainage issues on practice fields at CHS

  • Maintain optimal student-teacher ratio

  • Five Year Long Term Plan

    • Future Long Term Debt

    • Negotiate effective bargaining contracts

      • PJSTA, CSEA - PT, Admin Assoc

  • Expand Community Resources Fair for Families

    • Warrior Weekend

    • Community Outreach Programs

    • Joe’s Day of Service Presentations

Goal IV: Communication

Build a connected learning community, broadening productive partnerships and services to meet the needs of all students and to more effectively communicate with parents and district residents.

  • Revise committee structures into Standards of Excellence Committees

    • Dates: October 17, 2023; November 28, 2023; February 27, 2024; May 7, 2024

  • Continued Website Audit - remove outdated links, sites 

  • Follow action plan for mascot rebranding

  • Consistently use Virtual Backpacks at each school

  • Investigate virtual assistant for website usage

  • Provide updates to BOE on technological advancements and enhancements (push notifications, SchoolTool, etc.)

Goal V: Board of Education Policy Review

Continually upgrade Board of Education policies to ensure compliance with State laws and Commissioner's regulations.

  • Review and Update BOE Policies   

    • Meetings scheduled 9/30/23 & 1/30/24

    • Review and Updated BOE Policies   

      • Selective Classification