Comsewogue Hosts Solar Eclipse Viewing Parties

Comsewogue Hosts Solar Eclipse Viewing Parties
Published on 04/17/2024
Dr. Quinn and a student watching the solar eclpise

Students across the Comsewogue School District recently stayed after school and soaked up the sun as it was gradually concealed by the moon during Long Island’s first near-total solar eclipse in decades. Hundreds of awestruck students witnessed the rare astronomical event during exciting viewing parties at which DJs played fitting songs like “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Moon Dance” and “Walking on Sunshine.”

“We wanted to make the most out of such a special occasion and educational opportunity,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Quinn. “In the weeks leading up to the eclipse, our educators taught students all about the science behind the solar event so that they could hold an even greater appreciation when they saw it in action. It was great to see the amazement and joy on our students’ faces when they wore their safety glasses and witnessed the beautiful eclipse.”

At JFK Middle School, over 300 students gathered in the parking lot of to view the eclipse with their peers. The viewing party started in the cafeteria, where students enjoyed music and snacks while the learned about the eclipse. They were then given protective safety glasses and led outside to enjoy the eclipse through its peak at 3:30 p.m. Late buses were scheduled to arrive at 3:40 p.m. and pick up students who chose to participate.

At Comsewogue High School, the National Science Honor Society led an educational session with snacks and refreshments before the start of the eclipse. Once it began, students were given safety glasses and led outside where a DJ played music to fit the occasion. Late buses were available to pick up students at 3:45 p.m.

The last eclipse to be seen locally was in 2017, but Long Island was much closer to the path of totality this year and could witness the moon overshadowing 90 percent of the sun. Prior to the 2017 eclipse, the last total solar eclipse to cross the country was in 1979. The next time Long Island will see a total solar eclipse will be in 2079.

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